Thursday, February 2, 2012

She gets it.

We stayed in today. It's rare that we go a full day with out leaving the house. It was a fun filled day but got stressful at times too. We got a lot done...o.k. None of the house work was touched and I spent a good part of the day nursing baby boy while watching food network. But we got into a bunch of craft projects that were fun.

Nearing the end of the day I commented to Lottie "We had a tough day didn't we?"
"Yah" she said.
Me-"I am sorry I yelled at you"
L-"You were maad."
Me- "I WAS mad. Do you know why I was mad?"
L-"I  KI-cked you!"
Me- It had gotten pretty hairy when she refused to let me change her diaper. She indeed did kick me, in the chest, while on the changing table. I was pretty upset and it stayed with me longer than I would have liked
"You DID kick me." "That hurt mama, I didn't like it."
Me- "I like to make you happy, and I like it when you make me happy" "Can we try to make each other happy?"
She gets of my lap and goes to the freezer. I sigh thinking she just doesn't get it.
"Umfh, I can't GET it." she says.
"What are you trying to get?" I ask as I get off the couch.

 Jerry Garcia & Stoneyfield swirl

"Mama. You need to get a Bow-el. We SHARE to-gether"

That does make mama happy :)

 She gets it. I heart her.


  1. That's my girlfriend! You know I heart her. (mama too)

  2. awwww, wow we need moments like that at the end of a tough day huh? :-)

  3. so sweet! (and it's so good to hear that I'm not alone in getting kicked during diaper changes and not alone in holding onto that frustration too long)