Friday, May 11, 2012

Wet Chalk

We got inspiration from Sense of Wonder and played with wet chalk.

She sprayed

and poured

and colored

and drew

She said "look I made animal prints"

Lord knows I have enough TP rolls saved up. 

Happy Chalking,

Slip on Shoes

Sometimes the simplest things feel so genius.

For Lottie’s Birthday I just had to get the sparkle checker Vans. While I am partial to the slip on style – especially now that Lottie is determined to do many things herself, these sparkle checker vans are tie up instead of slip on. The tie shoes take way to much time and come untied during heavy play. She also has a pair of Converse One Stars (I heart One Stars) that I found consignment that she never wears for the same reasons. 

So I searched out the curly Q elastic ties. I thought this would work but they don’t look the best. (o.k. they looked very silly) They aren’t stretchy enough either, I couldn’t slip the shoe on her foot when I pulled the curlies tighter. 

What about regular elastic?? BINGO!! I used 3/8 inch basic knit elastic. It works so swell. They slip on and off easily, but stay on during play.

I laced them up oh so perfectly, just like back in the day, and tied the elastic at the tongue.  (O.k., by time I got to take this picture the One Stars have seen many a playground.)

I did both pairs of shoes  and she wears them All. The Time. 

Happy  Style'n