Thursday, February 2, 2012

Growth Chart

Finally. I made a growth chart. She's only almost 3! (I say that sarcastically)

I found this ruler type growth chart in a magazine this summer and commissoned my dad to cut me a peice of prefinished pine. Once again, having custom cabinet makers as parents has come in handy. I bought the house numbers from Lowes months and months ago but didn't have a chance to get into the project until today. The project went pretty fast, even with a toddler climbing on the table asking to help measure & draw & paint. I was a good mama and let her help a bit, while also conjuring up some of her own projects to do.

We made and colored playdough this morning

I measured 6 inches from the bottom, so we can hang it above the molding. Used pencil to make the hash marks.

Then I painted. And Lottie painted.

 Painting with the play dough rolling pin

Don't look to close or you can tell that I am very elementary in making lines (my handwriting stinks too)
Each foot mark is half way across the "ruler" equaling 4 inches. the 6inch mark is 3inches long, quarter hash is 2 inches and each individual inch is one inch long. 

After texting some opinion requests to my husband, mom, sis & neighbor I decided to put the numbers up and down, not side to side.
Lottie has to be 2 inches away from what I am doing
and yes, ON the table.

I was going to nail the numbers in, but couldn't find any nails less than 1 inch (The board is 3/4 inch) so I settled on hot glue. Lottie glued too.

  Using her "cutters"

 We need to do something awesome with these beautiful triangles. 
Valentines perhaps?

The hot glue is hard to do on metal. you have less than 2 seconds to stick it on before it cools. It took me a few times to perfect my flip but I think it will work for now. The hot glue mess ups peeled off the finished wood and the metal too easily, so I suspect I will need small nails sooner than later.

Here it is. Waiting to be hung on the wall. 

And since I waited so long to start measureing my child I plan to copy her growth from the doctors notes and put major milestones until now on the chart. Cheating, I know, but *shrug*

Happy Measuring.

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