Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sew Crazy

Now that Halloween is over I have decided to ride the sewing wave while my creativity is high and get into a few projects I have been putting off for over a year. During the past week of Halloween whirlwind I figured out how to use my sewing machine and pumped out our Halloween costumes pretty quickly. I am proud of myself for making a Lycra maternity super hero outfit from scratch.

My mom always made special clothes for us (birthday outfits, prom dresses, Halloween, etc) whatever we could dream up she would create to the detail, but always based from a pattern. It was from her that I learned how to sew from a pattern and used those skills to make my own pattern from some of my favorite maternity clothes. No, Simplicity does not make patterns for maternity super hero costumes, go figure.

The following is not a tutorial, but I hope it will inspire you to take a deep breath and try to create something even if you don't have a pattern. I highly recommend trying it first on cheap fabric and not on $15 a yard silky temperamental double knit, on a machine you have only used once. ;)

I used a newspaper end roll that we have around for crafts, folded my shirt in half and stretched it out. I measured 1 inch all around it for an easy measurement and to give leeway for mistakes. Then cut out the pattern and put it on the fold of the material pinned like crazy & cut. It literally took me an hour between each step. I would stare at it, text a pic to my mom, triple check that the material was not reversed, tend to Lottie, then stare at it some more. I  labeled ALL the parts of the pattern (sleeve hole, neck, top, bottom, front, back, fold)  it super saved me from brain blanks.


For the boots I put my most comfortable riding boots on the paper and traced, very wide. I then took in the leg part in and added elastic to the top & bottom. They weren't perfect ,but  I was satisfied that they didn't look like transformer feet any more.

The rest of my outfit included a simple elastic pencil skirt, belt, cape with super uterus logo (foam & felt), and headband with small super uterus logo. Yes, I had lady parts on my forehead.

I only had to tailor Super Ladybug's boot covers, & sew a simple black skirt. Captain Repurposed Outfit aka Super Duper aka "The Villain" aka Super Dad aka Generic Super Hero needed very little sewing. Not to shabby if I do say so myself. I heart Halloween.

Now, on to my next project! This is where I need your help.  
I am covering the princess part of this chair. Sorry Aurora, you must go. It has been so long since I planned it that I forget which fabric I wanted to use, plus I found some more cute fabric.


Options 1 & 2 
Option 1. The pink & green floral on the left. Some of this fabric and coordinating fabrics will be in the playroom.
Option 2. The bold burgundy floral on the right. I like it a lot but, it wont "match" the playroom or the living room & I am worried about the burgundy color against the fuchsia pink. What do you think?


Option 3. This moddish jungle fabric. I have tons of it. It is so cute. If I did the pink chair in jungle I would get a red chair for Jr and cover Lightning Mcqueen in the same fabric.

 Please let me know which fabric you like. I like them all!!. What to do??

Happy Sewing.


  1. Holy Uterus. I did not realized you had that on your cape and forehead.
    Hi- freaking-larious.

    Any of the fabrics are good! Which ones go with the living better, since that is where they will live, right?

  2. What Steph said- Uterus Powers unite!! I really like the fuchsia fabric on the top right-I think it goes very well together. I'm not a matchy matchy person, more of it goes well together kinda gal, though. Can't wait to see the outcome :)