Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mapping Common Names

Start with this discussion question: How can common names cause confusion?

Some fish have several common names that are different thru out the world. Black Marlin is a good example. Butterfish is an example of one common name that can be used for many different species.

·        Go to Fishwise
·        Type in Black Marlin in the common names,
o       click on the scientific name Makaira indica this will give you a complete description of the fish.
·        Scroll down to common names and you will see many different common names as well as the country location of the fish.
·        Print out a list of the common names with location and give the students a world map.
·        The students should locate the country and label the commonly used name of the fish.
·        Their maps should look similar to the map at the bottom of the fish description page.

·        ***The goal of this activity is not to memorize the many common names of a particular fish and where they are used. The objectives are as follows:
o       Locate countries and label a world map
o       Explain why scientific names are important for communication about a species around the world.

This activity is basic. Please tailor it to your needs and align it with your own standards. This idea can be used with any other species of fish from Fishwise or any species plant/animal that you can obtain a variety of common names with locations. For younger children pick 5 or 6 common names located in the North America.

I would love to know how you used it in, or out of the classroom.


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