Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fun with Felt Part 2. Pumpkin Faces

Here is a super quick post.

After seeing a photo of a friend's daughter pinning the nose on a pumpkin I decided our felt board needed a pumpkin with a re-arrangeable face. Lottie has been making silly faces lately so I knew she would enjoy mixing and matching facial expressions on the pumpkin.

This could also be used as a tool to introduce or continue a discussion on feelings and emotions. Lottie likes to find the different eyes, nose and mouth. Below, she put what I meant to be a nose as mouth and enjoyed it very much. 


This was super simple to make. It took one 8x11 of orange and one of black. The most time I spent was googling images of pumpkin faces to decide which features to create. I settled with 5 mouths, 5 noses and 5 pairs of eyes. If your child uses the noses as mouths (like mine does) and you count the different slants of eyes and mouths there are an infinite number of  emotional possibilities for your dear pumpkin friend.

"Silly Pumpkin"

Happy Felting.


  1. How well does the pumpkin stick? Did you back it with Velcro? Hey, you know what else would be fun is a scarecrow with changeable body parts, clothes and accessories.

  2. A scarecrow would be fun! There is no Velcro on the pumpkin, it's sticking for now. All the pieces on the calendar are now velcro'd though.