Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Going Barefoot

I'm on a quest to find good children books at low, low prices. I really can't stomach spending $12 for a brand new board book. I've kept my eye out at the few kid's consignment stores in town (o.k. there is really only one). Hey, I should open a kid's consignment store!...moving on. The books I have found here and back home when visiting my mom are few, not that great, and sometimes pretty damaged.

Most every time we go to the library I check out 7-10 books, and usually fall in love with a few. Searching through piles of damaged books at consignment stores isn't going to help me own these few exact books we HAVE to have. O.k, I have to have, as it is Mommy that gets bored with the books we have.

Most of the books we have are "look and say" board books-- you know, big pictures with the word written next to it, arranged by color or type...Baby, Cat, Ball, Banana, etc. I want super cute, sweet books that are rhythmic and have story lines with few words on each page.

Then it hit me--! I used to get my textbooks for super cheap. and yes, they have all kinds of used books, for cheap--  $3 and even $0.75
(the shipping may get me though)!

My newest have to haves are:
Jamberry by Bruce Degan
Birds by Kevin Henkes
The Way I Feel by Janan Cain
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr

While writing this particular post, and just jonesing for worldly books with beautiful art and meaningful content I had another epiphany - Barefoot Books! The first time I heard about Barefoot Books was for a giveaway on Mama and Baby Love. After reading about their philosophy and Living Barefoot, I knew that this grassroots company was a right fit for me. So, I decided to start my own home based business.

Barefoot Books are exactly the type of books I want Lottie to grow up reading. They are unique, have meaningful content that inspire creativity and adventure, promote the diversity of our worldly community, and most of all, are special.

Yes, friends and family, this means I will be hitting you up to purchase or host events for these awesome books, world music, quality puppets and whimsical dress up clothes.

You will soon find me at or (which do you think is better?). So tell your friends, check out my favorites, and make your own wish list. I plan to host a launch party next month. :)

Happy reading.

P.S. I'm so excited.
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  1. Kristy this is fabulous! I just became a Barefoot Ambassador under your team leadership! I am excited!
    Let's talk soon! <3, Mackie